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The Functions of the Clinical Research Fund Committee:

  • •Review the guidelines for awarding grant funds
  • •Review and critique research proposal applications for funding
  • •Recommend research proposals for funding to the executive board

Membership in the Clinical Research Fund Committee

The committee shall be composed of five Alpha Chi members chosen for a one year term. Two of the members shall hold a doctorate degree and be active in research; and two members shall be master's prepared individuals with expertise in education, practice, or administration. The fifth member shall be the committee chairperson.

The committee chairperson shall hold a doctorate degree, be active in the research, and shall only vote for the purpose of breaking a tie or in the absence of one of the committee members.

Alpha Chi members who wish to submit research proposals for funding are ineligible to serve on the review committee during the year of their proposal submission.

Meetings of the Clinical Research Fund Committee

The committee shall hold one formal meeting during the year in which research funds are to be awarded. The purpose of this meeting shall be to share proposal evaluation findings and recommend proposals for funding.

Responsibilities of the Clinical Research Fund Committee

The Chairperson of the Clinical Research Fund Committee shall:

  • •Solicit research proposal applications from Alpha Chi members through advertisement of this funding opportunity in the chapter newsletter.
  • •Forward research fund application packets to all requesting parties.
  • •Review all submitted applications to assure that the applicant has submitted all components of the application packet.
  • •Forward all complete proposals to committee members for review and schedule proposal review meeting.
  • •Notify all applicants, chapter president, and treasurer of the outcome of the committee's decisions regarding proposal funding.
  • •Announce the grant awards to the membership at the annual meeting and present the grant checks to the award recipients.

The Committee Members shall:

  • •Agree to attend the annual committee meeting to discuss proposal critiques and make recommendations for funding.
  • •Review the guidelines for awarding research funds and revise them as needed during the annual committee meeting.
  • •Review and critique each proposal prior to the committee meeting using the evaluation tool provided.
  • •Discuss the proposals' strengths and weaknesses during the committee meeting based on the established criteria.
  • •Consider three categories when selecting proposals for funding:
  •  •New investigator awards
  •  •Ongoing investigations
  •  •Established investigator awards:
    •Recommend specific proposals for funding to the Executive Board as well as identify appropriate dollar amounts to be awarded to each project based on the project's budget and availability of committee funds.