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Past Presidents' Program

The Program Committee shall plan the programs for the Alpha Chi Chapter membership and other nursing professionals to keep them informed about nursing leaders and to present programs about growing concerns or vital issues affecting the nursing profession. Programs shall be of an excellent quality and be designed to increase the intellectual component of nursing, enhance the self-concept and image of nursing and advance the development of nursing leadership.

Membership in the Program Committee

Membership shall consist of both community leaders and student members. The Chairperson(s) shall have a minimum of two years.

Meetings of the Program Committee

The Program Committee shall meet or communicate by phone as needed to plan programs. Each member of the committee will volunteer to be responsible for components of each program (speaker, CEU application, refreshments, AV, etc.). The Chairperson(s) of the committee will serve as a resource to each member in their respective duties.

  • •Plan the annual Father Gorman Lecture, the Winter Business Meeting and Program and the Induction Ceremony.
  • •Decide the purpose and goals for the programs with consideration given to current issues affecting the nursing profession, and suggestions from the membership.
  • •In collaboration with the President, determine potential dates in October, February, and April for the programs which will not conflict with other nursing activities such as ANA, NLN or regional meeting and university activities. These dates will coincide with the chapter business meetings and annual meeting.
  • •Determine potential speaker(s) for the programs.
  • •Contact potential speaker(s) by telephone and utilize checklist to facilitate program preparations.
    •Identify your role as a member of the Program Committee of Alpha Chi Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau.
  • •Determine the speaker's availability for the planned date and time of the program.
  • •Present the topic for the program which the committee requests the speaker(s) to address, or ask the speaker(s) for a topic which they could address which comes within the identified program focus.
  • •Discuss the length of the presentation with the speaker(s) which is usually forty-five minutes to one hour followed by a question-and-answer period.
  • •Determine the length of the question-and-answer period.
  • •Inform the speaker(s) that the presentation will be videotaped and will be kept in the Alpha Chi Archives.
  • •Discuss the amount of honorarium to be paid to the speaker(s) - usually one hundred and fifty dollars, or $300.00 divided among the speakers if more than one is speaking. The honorarium is based upon the yearly budget.
  • •Request that the speaker(s) mail a professional vitae to the committee member as soon as possible.
  • •Request that the speaker(s) mail the title of the program, objectives and teaching methods to be utilized to the designated committee member in order to complete the CEU application at least one month prior to the program.
  • •Ask the speaker(s) if any audiovisual equipment will be required for the presentation.
  • •Submit the CEU application form to the executive board one month prior to the Fr. Gorman lecture and the Winter Business Meeting Program for CEU approval.
  • •Follow the initial confirmation of the speaker(s) with a letter of confirmation reiterating in detail all of the matters discussed.
  • •Inform the Executive Board of the speaker(s) and topics of the programs as the programs are planned.
  • •Notify the School of Nursing secretary of Program details for public relations purposes.
  • •Contact the Boston College Bureau of Conferences to book a room and arrange for room preparation and cleanup for the programs two months prior to the program.
  • •Contact the Boston College Bureau of Conferences to order refreshments 15 business days prior to the programs.
  • •Contact the Boston College Bureau of Conferences to arrange for the set up and operations of microphone equipment. Any other audiovisual equipment requested by the speaker(s) for the program should be ordered through the audiovisual department at Boston College two weeks prior to the program. A committee member is responsible to contact the Kennedy Resource Center to arrange for videotaping of the program.
  • •Notify the Public Relations committee of the program details at least two months prior to the program.
  • •Arrange for hotel reservations and transportation reservations for the speaker(s) as needed.
  • •Request check for the speaker's honorarium from the Treasurer.
  • •Arrange with Security for Middle Campus parking for the speaker and any special guest.
  • •Arrange for a committee member to meet the speaker(s) at a prearranged place and escort the speaker(s) to the program. This committee member should take responsibility for the speaker's belongings during the program and introduce the speaker(s) to committee members and chapter and school officials.
  • •Arrange for a water pitcher and glasses for the speaker(s).
  • •Introduce the speaker(s) using the professional vitae as a guide.
  • •Acknowledge and thank the speaker(s) by a letter after the program presentation.
  • •Forward bills for the transportation, hotel, accommodations and Boston College Bureau of Conferences Accommodations and Refreshments to the Chapter Treasurer.
  • •Arrange for the typing and duplication of evaluation forms and CEU certificates.
  • •Distribute, collect and collate data obtained on the evaluation forms.
  • •Distribute CEU certificates upon receipt of the evaluation form at end of the program.

For the Annual Rev. Edward J. Gorman Lecture on Humanistic Nursing which is jointly sponsored with the School of Nursing, the Program Committee shall:

  • •Obtain the date and time of the Lecture from the Executive Board in June.
  • •Determine potential speaker(s) from the assigned topic area of humanistic nursing.
  • •Follow the usual procedure for contracting the speaker(s). The speaker(s) should be informed of the intent and purpose of the lecture series and requested to present the title and outline of the paper to committee two or three months prior to the presentation. The speaker(s) shall not be required to respond to questions. It is advisable to obtain the title of the program as soon as possible for publication in the newsletter.
  • •Contact the Dean of the School of Nursing and request that she bring "greetings " from the School.
  • •Complete arrangement for room booking, ordering of refreshments, and audiovisual equipment order three months prior to the lecture. Refreshments should be ordered in two servings, one prior to the business meeting, consisting of food and beverages, and the second serving following the program, consisting of coffee, tea and dessert.
  • •Notify the Public Relations Committee of the program details two months prior to the program.
  • •Ensure that separate invitations are sent to the Gorman family for the lecture and arrange to meet the members of the family the night of the program.
  • •Arrange to meet and introduce members of the Gorman family and other honored guests to the speaker(s) using the professional vitae as a guide.

For the Winter Meeting, the Program Committee shall:

  • •Obtain date and time from Executive Board in June. This meeting traditionally follows the winter business meeting.
  • •Follow usual procedure for determining and contracting and arranging accommodations for the speaker(s). The focus of this meeting is to be clinical practice. The speaker(s) shall respond to questions and participate in discussion following the presentation.
  • •Have the speaker(s) submit the title and entire paper three months before the program.
  • •Define objectives and formulate evaluation questionnaire reflect content and emphasis of the paper.
  • •Submit necessary materials to the executive board for contact hour approval at least one month before the program.
  • •Complete arrangements for the room booking, refreshments, audiovisual equipment (public address system), and any other supplies requested by the speaker(s).
  • •Inform the Public Relations Committee of the program details at least two months prior to the program.
  • •Prepare and duplicate evaluation questionnaires and CEU certificates.
  • •Follow usual procedure for meeting, introducing and thanking speaker(s).

For the Induction Ceremony the Program Committee shall:


  • •Obtain the date and time of the Induction Ceremony from the Executive Board in September.
  • •Follow the usual procedure for determining the goals of the program and the determination of the speaker(s).
  • •Follow the usual procedure for contacting the speaker except that the speaker shall not be required to respond to questions.
  • •Complete arrangements for the room booking, ordering of refreshments, flowers, reception room booking and audiovisual equipment two to three months prior to the ceremony. (Audio visual equipment which will be needed includes the public address system, slide projector for slides of crest and pin, and any additional equipment needed by the speaker.)
  • •Notify the Dean of the Boston College School of Nursing to bring the greetings.