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Clinical Research Grant Proposal Outline/Evaluation Criteria

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A. Narrative Statements of Proposal:

  • 1. Title of research project.
  • 2. Specific aims: Purpose of the study is clearly identified, significant to nursing practice, logically developed, and has potential to contribute to nursing knowledge development. Research questions /or hypotheses to be tested are clearly stated.
  • 3. Review of literature: Review of existing body of knowledge about the research problem is current, comprehensive, synthesized, critically evaluated, and supports the need for the study.
  • 4. Theoretical aspects: Study proceeds from a conceptual, theoretical, or philosophical base that is clearly described and appropriate to the study. Terms are theoretically and operationally defined, as indicated.

B. Research Design:

  • 1. Method: Research method is clearly described, appropriate to answer the research question, and supported by rationale. Plans for data collection are explicit. Time line for study completion is realistic. Facilities/environment where study will be conducted are adequate for the design.
  • 2. Measurement: For quantitative studies, validity and reliability of instruments are acceptable; plans to control extraneous variables are appropriate. For qualitative studies, plans to ensure trustworthiness of findings are appropriate; plans to track impact of extraneous variables on findings are described.
  • 3. Sampling: Describes desired sample, including inclusion/exclusion criteria, source of sample, plans for recruitment, plans for obtaining informed consent, and anticipated sample size with justification (e.g., power analysis if indicated).
  • 4. Data analysis: Identifies specific plans for analysis of research data, including statistical tests to be used for quantitative data.

C. Budget:

  • 1. Items: Identifies only those items for which Alpha Chi funding is requested. These items must be directly related to conduct of research and exclude living expenses, typing of dissertation, travel to professional meetings, and purchase of extraordinary equipment. (Amount not to exceed $1500.00).
  • 2. Justification: States a rationale for items included in budget. States total estimated cost of project and explanation of how additional funds will be secured if total budget is greater than $1500.00.

D. Supplemental Material:

  • 1. References: Includes a bibliography of cited references using APA format.
  • 2. Appendices: Includes supplemental material helpful for evaluation of the proposal, e.g., questionnaires, interview guides, etc.