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An important component of Governance is the Bylaws Committee which shall review the Alpha Chi Chapter bylaws as needed, submit revisions to the membership for ratification, and insure conformity of the Chapter Bylaws with the Sigma Theta Tau International Bylaws.

Membership in the Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall be composed of at least three members. The chairperson of the Bylaws Committee shall be the Vice-President.

Meetings of the Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall meet as needed to make major revisions in the chapter bylaws. The Executive Board, the Headquarters or the membership may request the Bylaws Committee to meet to consider amendments to the Chapter bylaws or to perform another task.

Responsibilities of the Bylaws Committee

  • •The Bylaws Committee shall review and edit proposed amendments to the Chapter Bylaws received from headquarters or chapter source
  • •Notify membership of bylaws revisions for examinations prior to a business or annual meeting
  • •Select a member or the chairperson to present the proposed revisions to the membership for ratification
  • •Send the approved chapter bylaws revisions to the Sigma International Bylaws Committee and to the representatives of the Sigma Bylaws Committee
  • •Revise the chapter Management Manual as needed
  • •Arrange for the availability of current chapter bylaws at the annual business meeting and at the request of individual members