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The Finance Committee shall be responsible for preparing the annual budget and shall recommend to the Board of Directors such investments, long range financial planning or changes in chapter fees as deemed appropriate, and shall select an auditor.

Membership in the Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall be composed of at least 3 members. The membership shall include a Past President or Past Treasurer as Chairperson, the President-Elect, and one appointed member. The Treasurer and President are ex-officio members. The Treasurer shall not serve as the Chairperson of the Finance Committee.

Meetings of the Finance Committee

  • •The Finance Committee shall hold two to three formal meetings each year. Additional meetings shall be scheduled as the need arises.
  • •Review the budget allocations and expenditures of the chapter at least twice per year.
  • •Prepare the budget each April for the coming year.
  • •Elicit suggestions from the Board and Committee Chairs as to their budget requests for the coming year by letter each March.
  • •Recommend to the Board budget changes throughout the year.
  • •Recommend to the board any changes in chapter fees for the coming year.
  • •Investigate investment and bank options for the chapter.
  • •Recommend investment and bank options to the Board.