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The Eligibility Committee shall periodically evaluate the criteria for selection of chapter membership, plan and run the membership process, and review and recommend candidates for annual induction into Alpha Chi Chapter from the applications received.

Membership in the Eligibility Committee

The Eligibility Committee shall be composed of five members. The Senior and Junior Counselors are elected for two year terms. The Senior Counselor serves as chairperson of the committee. One community nurse leader, and two students at Boston College are selected for a one year term by the Executive Board. A member of the committee may refrain from discussion and vote upon a potential candidate should there be a conflict of interest.

Meetings of the Eligibility Committee

The committee meets four times per year and as needed. A meeting is held in September to plan the membership drive, in January to review all completed application, in March to compile orders for jewelry requests, news releases, and final inductee list to send to Sigma Theta Tau International, and in April to prepare for the Induction Ceremony.

Responsibilities of the Eligibility Committee

The Eligibility Committee shall:

  • Advertise the membership drive, using a variety of strategies, including the following:
  • •Place a written announcement in the mailing to the membership in September.
  • •Mail fliers to agencies within the greater Boston area during September.
  • •Place posters in Boston College, Cushing Hall during October.
  • •Make announcements in undergraduate classes and faculty meetings during October.
  • •Make announcements in graduate student classes during October.
  • •Make announcement and/or have informational fliers available at Alpha Chi programs (Appendix ii).
  • •Mail applications and guidelines for selection of members to potential candidates and to others who request them.
  • •Make applications and guidelines available to potential candidates in the Central Office, Cushing Hall, Boston College School of Nursing.
  • •Counselors screen applications and prepare the agenda for a full committee meeting in January as needed.
  • •Vote upon whether to recommend each candidate for acceptance into Alpha Chi Chapter at a full committee meeting.
  • •Prepare the slate of candidates recommended for acceptance into Alpha Chi Chapter.
  • •Present candidates to the membership at the Winter Business Meetings for their vote of acceptance or rejection.
  • •Send a letter to the candidates accepted into Alpha Chi Chapter, notifying them of the date of the Induction Ceremony. Request that they submit induction fees, key order, membership acceptance form, and news release forms to the Chairperson of the Eligibility Committee.
  • •Forward fees collected and membership acceptance forms to the Chapter Treasurer. Forward news release forms to the Public Relations Committee and Chapter Secretary.
  • •Notify candidates who were rejected of the reasons they were ineligible for membership into Alpha Chi Chapter.
  • •Prepare keys and name tags for Induction Ceremony and copies of the Sigma Bylaws and Chapter Bylaws for distribution to each member.
  • •Set up the Ritual for Induction of new members prior to the Induction Ceremony.
  • •Submit an annual report of inductees member totals to Sigma Theta Tau International.