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Bylaws, Policy & Procedures and Goals


Alpha Chi Chapter's Bylaws conform to the Headquarters Bylaws and include the following:


  • • Provision for the selection and induction of members
  • • Provision for the election of officers and a nominating committee
  • • Provision for filling vacancies in elected office
  • • Provision for selection of two delegates and their alternates to the House of Delegates biennial convention
  • • Provisions for the method of determining and collecting fees and other assessments


Policy and Procedures


The Alpha Chi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International shall hold two business meetings annually. All active chapter members are encouraged to attend these meetings. A business meeting in winter is held to inform members of the activities of the Executive Board, to vote upon candidates recommended by the Governance Committee and to conduct other business of the chapter. An annual meeting is held in May so that chapter officers and committee chairpersons may report to the membership on the past year’s work and projected goals for the future year. The newly elected officers and nominating committee shall be announced at this meeting as shall the chapter's planned programs for the coming year.


Strategic Goals of Alpha Chi Chapter


  • • increase involvement and retention of new members by 25%
  • • promote membership involvement and services
  • • induct an international member within 5 years
  • • maximize use of informatics


The Purpose of Sigma Theta Tau International is to:


  • • recognize superior achievement,
  • • recognize the development of leadership qualities,
  • • foster high professional standards,
  • • encourage creative work,
  • • strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession.