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The Alpha Chi Chapter Officers are elected to carry out the business of the chapter. Each officer is elected to a two year term. The officers meet at scheduled Executive Board meetings. Chapter officers are responsible to prepare Annual Reports and forward them to Sigma office by June 15th for each fiscal year they are in office. Chapter officers also prepare and submit Annual Chapter Reports to the membership at the annual meeting in May.


The Alpha Chi Chapter officers are the: President who is the first executive officer and administers all business of the chapter; President-Elect who is preparing to be President (2-year term); Vice President who is the second executive officer and serves as advisor to the President and serves as chairperson of Bylaws on the Governance Committee. Secretary who maintains the chapter's files and is responsible for the chapter's correspondence; Treasurer who is custodian of the funds of the chapter and serves as advisor to the President regarding financial matters; Senior Counselor who advises the President and serves as Chairperson of the Governance Committee; Junior Counselor who advises the President and serves on the Governance Committee.

Elected Officers 2014-2015


Alyssa Harris —


Barbara MacIntyre —


Diana Kach —


Faculty Counselor:
Colleen Simonelli —