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Alpha Chi embodies and shares the founding values of Sigma Theta Tau International: Wisdom, Discernment, Love, Courage, Honor, Service, Professional Endeavor, Leadership and Knowledge.


Sigma Theta Tau International is the international honor society of nursing. Constituent chapters are established in collegiate schools of nursing accredited by the national accrediting body recognized by the profession. Alpha Chi Chapter is located at Boston College School of Nursing, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Sigma Theta Tau International is professional rather than social and its purpose and functions may be compared to other honor societies.



The purpose of Sigma Theta Tau International is to: recognize superior achievement, recognize the development of leadership qualities, foster high professional standards, encourage creative work, and strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession.


Alpha Chi Chapter develops innovative programs that contribute to the mission and commitment of Sigma Theta Tau International.



The coat of arms expresses the ideals of the society, the lamp is the lamp of knowledge. The pillars of stone at the right and left denote strength of leadership. The eye represents wisdom and discernment. The stars are in recognition of the six founders of the society. The scroll is that of learning. The letters on the scroll, Sigma, Theta, Tau are the first four letters of the Greek words STORGA, THAROS, TIMA which mean LOVE, COURAGE, HONOR.


A key is available in the form of a pin or a charm to which the Greek letters, Sigma Theta Tau are inscribed in black enamel. Members may select to purchase jeweled keys which have amethyst stars in a circle of pearls. The key and/or the membership card may be ordered through the Chapter Treasurer who forwards a completed Purchase Order form to Sigma Theta Tau, International; 550 West North Street; Indianapolis, Indiana 46202.





Sigma Theta Tau International was founded in 1922 by six students at the Indiana University Training School for Nurses. The name Sigma Theta Tau (the initials of the Greek words Storga, Tharos, Tima — meaning Love, Courage, Honor) was chosen, and the society was chartered by the State of Indiana. The date of October 5 has been officially designated as the anniversary date for recognition of the founders of Sigma Theta Tau. From a beginning of six members and one chapter in 1922 the organization has grown to more than 100,000 members and 345 international chapters.


Alpha Chi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International located at Boston College School of Nursing was established in 1970 as the forty-fourth chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International. It has been an educational force, standing for the best in nursing and making tangible contributions to the school and the profession through its help in the preparation of leaders.



The society is composed of its constituent local chapters and of honorary members who are chosen internationally. Alpha Chi Chapter consists of members inducted by the chapter and accepted by transfer from other chapters. The members assume acceptance of the purposes of the society and responsibility to participate in achieving the goals consistent with the professional and scholastic character of Sigma Theta Tau International.



The official publication of the national society is IMAGE: The Journal of Nursing Scholarship. It is a professional journal published three times a year in February, June and October. A newsletter entitled REFLECTIONS is published five times a year in January, March, May, September, and November. New members and active members are entitled to receive these publications for each year in which they pay fees.